Farm to School Program

Funding Your Fall Apple Picking Field Trips

How It Works

1 Set-Up Your School with the Farm to School Program

Contact our Office at (815) 648-4141 and talk with us about setting up your school's account.

2 Let your School Families Know

Let your school families know they can order a variety of Royal Oak Farm products that will be delivered during specified pick-up times at the school. All they do is choose your school as their pick-up location.

3 Fund Your School's Field Trip

For every $30 in product that is ordered for pick-up at your school, one student from your school will be fully funded on your school's field trip to Royal Oak Farm. It's that easy!


How Much Product Do Our Families Need To Order?

There is no minimum orders and no requirements for orders.  Families simply order what they would like and it is then delivered during the designated pick-up window.

Are There Goal Incentives For The Students?

Yes, once the school hits a $1500 cumulative total in orders, everyone on the field trip will receive a free train ride at the orchard during their trip.

Where and How Often Do The Pick-Ups Occur?

Pickups will be located at the school.  Royal Oak can either set up in the school parking lot or another area inside the school. Royal Oak will post the pickup date on the site so families can see the pick-up time when they order.  Additional Pick-Up Dates can requested by the school.

How Long Do The Funds Get Accumulated For?

Funds start accumulating from when the school starts the program and continue until their scheduled field trip.  Before the school’s field trip date, Royal Oak will let you know how many students were funded.  You can either designate specific students (scholarship students, etc..) to receive the free field trip or the total savings will be taken off the school total and savings can be shared amongst all the students.  Your school can continue the program even after their field trip to help fund the following year’s trip as well. Pick-ups will run from May-November each year.

Are The Products Marked Up At All?

No, your school families are receiving these products at the same pricing as they would if they went straight to the farm.  Royal Oak is simply giving back a portion of these proceeds to the school in the form of a funded field trip.

Do Our Students Need To Sell Anything?

No, all the school needs to do is make school families aware of the ongoing program.  That’s it.  They can tell their friends, family, etc… if they would like, but there is no selling that needs to be done by the students.  Families simply go online and order any products they would like to purchase.  Royal Oak does the rest.

For more information call us at (815) 648-4141